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Updated: Aug 20

In 2006, one of five Edmontonians were 55+. By 2041, almost one in three of us will be senior citizens. Contrary to what some might think, today’s seniors are active, and social members of our communities. They are engaged, and have the experience, and knowledge we will need to overcome this pandemic. The seniors of Edmonton have made this city the great place it is today, and have worked hard so we can enjoy the freedoms that many take for granted.

We need to continue to work with the Federal, and Provincial governments, giving older adults a wider variety of affordable housing options. Whether it’s partial care, full time care, or long term, we need to improve the availability, and affordability of quality accommodations in our city. Along with the increase in the seniors population, we need to increase the availability of assistance to things like snow shovelling, yard maintenance, and grocery shopping, for those who need it. We need to make our parks, streets, and rec centers senior friendly, to encourage active living. As much as we need to encourage active living, we also need to prioritize the growing transportation issues. As we grow older, we require more from our healthcare system, and we need to increase the access to all of the available services.

I can assure you that I will do my best to improve the quality of life for all of Edmonton’s senior citizens.

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