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Community Beautification

Updated: Aug 20

The people of Edmonton's Nakota Isga have always taken great pride in their yards and keeping their communities looking pristine. It's time that we hold our city to the same standard. The battle of Alberta is so much more than just eventful hockey games. The city of Edmonton is often compared to Calgary, the one thing they've always held above our heads? Calgary is known as the tidier city.

Our city really dropped the ball on the maintenance of our green spaces and soccer fields last year. They said it simply "wasn't in the budget" to take care of city owned areas throughout the city. Yet they paid city employees to tape off playgrounds, wasted resources printing and handing out mask exemption cards that became redundant the same week. Communities had to depend on good samaritans to take time out of their days, and used their own equipment to mow lawns so that children had somewhere to run and play. Most of our city owned areas were eyesores to say the least. Overgrown trees plagued with pests and diseases left to spread to privately owned plant life, litter covering medians, ditches and sidewalks, knee high grass and weeds in our parks. We cannot allow that to happen again.

There is also a huge need for public waste bins in communities. In some areas there are kilometers between garbage bins. Homeowners have been complaining about littering problems in areas like Breckenridge greens and nothing has been done to help rectify the issue.

I would love to see biodegradable pet waste bags accessible to the public throughout our communities and high traffic walking trails. One of the biggest complaints I see is the lack of accountability from pet owners in our neighborhoods. We all have days where we leave the house in a hurry on our morning walk and grabbing a bag may slip our minds. If the city added dispensers for pet waste bags I think many dog walkers would be more inclined to clean up after their furry friends.

Our roadways, sidewalks, and even our downtown core have been plagued with litter and overgrown greenery for far too long. Our city needs to be held accountable and more needs to be done to keep our neighbourhoods clean. It's time for the City of Edmonton to clean up their act and keep our city clean.

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