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As a long-time resident of Edmonton’s Nakota Isga, not only have I had the privilege of watching this area develop into the magnificent place that it is today, I have also worked alongside many folks in the construction industry on projects aimed to improve the quality of life for Edmontonians. With growth comes change; change in the way we travel, communicate, shop, and how we carry out our daily tasks. I believe that together, we can continue to make positive changes in this ward, and throughout the beautiful City of Edmonton. 

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I want to change the way the city of Edmonton spends your money.

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It is time to put an end to the ludicrous spending of our current city council.  Edmonton taxpayers need a break. We've all been catastrophically impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The taxes you pay continue to increase while important issues in our city fail to be addressed or resolved.  Edmontonians are sick of hearing "it's simply not in the budget" while watching unnecessary enhancements like $2 million LRT seats and $10 million footbridges come into fruition. The grass at community soccer fields is knee-high, potholes go untouched for years, communities are refused public garbage bins and violent crime rates are at an all-time high. 


I want to change Edmonton’s Safe Mobility Strategy.


The city of Edmonton is focusing far too much on decreasing the number of vehicles on city streets in order to reach its goal of minimizing motor vehicle collisions.  We have seen astronomical spending on bike lanes, upgrades and expansions of our LRT, and unnecessary changes to bus routes that have left some Edmontonians feeling stranded. We need to revamp “Vision Zero” and allocate funds to running educational initiatives to remind drivers of the importance of safe driving practices. Our city needs better signage, and to run sponsored social media campaigns. Having images pop up on the social media feeds of Edmontonians that depict proper use of traffic circles, correct merging practices and addressing the right progression of movement at four-way stops could serve to be great reminders that will ultimately reduce serious collisions in our city. I will advocate for our provincial government to make our roads a safe place to commute. 

I want to change the way our small businesses are treated.


As our city continues to grow, the cost of running a business shouldn’t have to. Small business is the backbone of Edmonton’s economy and was among the hardest hit during the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to promote economical growth, job opportunities, and support Edmontonians who dream of being their own boss we need to reduce the cost of running and starting up businesses. Our city was once an affordable place of opportunity and success. We need to streamline the approval process for business licenses and permits, offer entrepreneurs a hands-on approach to start-up assistance, and put an end to the steady increases in taxes, red tape, and costs. 


I want to change the way Edmonton’s most vulnerable are treated.

Our City Council needs to put more pressure on the Alberta government to ensure that our citizens receive adequate care, and access to professional and social services. Far too many of our citizens fall between the cracks as our province continues to cut funding to necessary areas.  Edmontonians should not struggle to access medical, mental health, addiction, or housing services. We need stronger voices on our city council that are willing to tirelessly advocate for Edmontonians and truly push for change. It is also imperative that our city does its due diligence to educate the public on important issues that many of our citizens face, in order to minimize cruel stigma and societal divide. 


I want to change the city’s roads and infrastructure priorities.

As our city continues to grow, especially in the northwest communities, Edmontonians are complaining about the limited access both into their neighbourhoods and to the rest of the city. The expansion of crucial roadways is imperative and needs to be addressed and remedied. As an example, the exit from Stony Plain Road onto Winterburn Road is incredibly problematic especially during peak hours. Daily commutes should not be consistently troublesome; the workday is strenuous enough without the added stress of congested traffic due to the lack of our city council’s attention.

It is clear that patience is running thin in Edmonton’s Nakota Isga as improper representation maintains its seat in city hall. Every vote counts in October’s municipal election, there has never been a more crucial time for a change. It’s time for concerns to be heard, issues to be addressed and voices to be amplified.  This will be one of the most important elections the city of Edmonton has ever seen. My campaign website will be updated frequently as I work on issue-specific blog posts that outline my stance and plans to bring forward to Edmonton’s city council. I have enjoyed every conversation that I have had thus far in my campaign and look forward to hearing from all of the residents of Nakota Isga.  I have made myself available through multiple platforms and will continue to do my best to reply to every message I receive. Please be patient with me as I balance long workdays, family life and the fight to advocate for the people I hope to serve.